AI Girl Group To Perform AI-Produced Song—Fans Think They’re Taking Tech Too Far

Will computers take over the music industry?

Using AI for creative activities and occupations is quickly spreading into the music field. AI can rapidly create songs (like making a 3-minute song in 10 seconds), recognize all other songs in the world to avoid plagiarism in their’s, and even sing!

Producing music with AI has been a work in progress for many years and has really only been gaining mainstream recognition in recent years. The first AI composer is generally agreed to be the ILLIAC I Computer from the 1950s, but as for the first album completely produced by AI, Taryn Southern collaborated with Amper in 2018.

Taryn Southern’s AI-created album | Genius

South Korea’s first AI composer was EvoM, who appeared in 2016. The program was created by Ahn Chang Wook, a professor at the AI Graduate School of Science and Technology. The first live Korean artist to debut a song created by AI was actually Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon‘s sister, Hayeon, who collaborated with Aimy Moon.

Aimy Moon | @aimy.moon.imw/Instagram

All of these innovations, of course, led Pulse9 and AIA to release the first-ever AI girl group, Eternity. They debuted in March of this year with their song “I’m Real.” The group garnered much attention as netizens were curious and a little frightened of the computerized humans. Now, Aimy Moon, the AI composer, will help the girls produce their latest song!

Eternity’s “I’m Real” | AiA-fab/YouTube 

Netizens were skeptical of this as this news would mean that there is a song and music video entirely created by computers—even the people.

  • Why are people keep creating fake people?”
  • “This is creepy.”
  • “I don’t like them.”
  • “This isn’t right.”
  • “The group’s singers look scary.”
  • “I really don’t like this kind of change.”
  • “I guess AI celebrities are better since there are so many controversies over their attitude and personality.”

What do you think of the world going digital?

Source: Herald Kyungjae and Image (1) and (2)