Ailee casually denies plastic surgery rumors on “One Fine Day”

Ailee debunks rumors of having plastic surgery done to her face during the pilot episode of MBC Music’s One Fine Day. 

On the December 30th broadcast of the program, Ailee and Amber made a secret visit at Seogwipo Girls’ Middle School in Jeju and entertained the students through games and a concert. However, in between their casual conversations with the students, a middle schooler asked Ailee, “Unni, why are you so pretty,” to which someone yelled in reply, “Because of surgery!”

Ailee, who was initially taken aback by the reply, confessed that she did not have surgery done to her face and further proved it to the students with the statement, “Would you like to feel my face?” 

Interested in her statements, some of the students unexpectedly moved forward and touched Ailee’s face. The unexpected act was eventually stopped by MC Lee Dong Yeob. 

It was also during the same segment where the singer revealed her actual weight and height as she answer “16452” as a password to a question, revealing that she was 164 centimetres tall and weights 52 kilograms. The blunt reply impressed the students praising her for her frank and easygoing nature.

Meanwhile, Amber also joins Ailee which started airing today on MBC Music.

Source: Newsen