Ailee’s Staff Member Earns Attention For Their Unexpected Actions On Stage

The moment quickly went viral on Twitter.

Talented soloist Ailee is known for her powerhouse vocal talent and stellar live performances. Ailee certainly knows how to put on an unforgettable show, and her recent concert in Anyang left a lasting impression on fans and netizens who couldn’t help reacting to one hilarious, impromptu moment during her performance.

Ailee | @aileeonline/Instagram

Ailee flexed her incredible vocal and musical range by performing her hit songs and taking requests, charming fans with her renditions of popular songs.

She put her own soulful spin on the Wonder Girls classic, “Tell Me”…

Performed her own song “Home” before transitioning into part of Kelly Clarkson‘s hit song “Stronger”…

Before being requested to sing “Let It Go” from the popular Disney film, Frozen.

What started as an impromptu cover became a next-level production thanks to one of Ailee’s awesome staff members.

Photo from Ailee’s recent concert | @aileeonline/Instagram

Ailee began to sing the famous song with beautiful vocal control.

Ailee performing “Let It Go” | @alwaysbeenmy/Twitter

As the song began to build after the first verse, a staff member was seen sneaking onto the stage.

| @alwaysbeenmy/Twitter 

The staff member crouched behind Ailee until the chorus began, at which point they hilariously sprayed fake snow as the talented singer belted, “Let it go!”

Fans couldn’t get enough of the genius moment, and the crowd immediately burst into laughter.

When Ailee looked back and saw what was happening, she began to laugh as well before slipping back into performance mode.

The moment quickly went viral on a popular Korean online community board, and the original tweet currently has over 675,700 views and 18,800 retweets on Twitter.

Check out another performance of “Let It Go” by Ailee below!

Source: theqoo
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