Ailee states her drastic weight loss impacted her singing career

In a recent episode of SBS How To Eat and Live Well, Ailee spoke about her diet and the reason behind her sudden comeback with third mini-album Magazine.

On the show, Ailee revealed that she had lost 10kg within a month by only eating two meals worth 500kcal in total a day, which she previously shared had consisted of 100g of protein, 2 cups of vegetables, and 1 fruit.

At the time of her comeback with her title track “Don’t Touch Me” in September 2014, Ailee was under the spotlight for her quick weight loss. She further reveals on How to Eat and Live Well that at the time, there was no plans for her to make a comeback. However, her agency had said, “Let’s make your comeback quickly before your yo-yo hits,” thus resulting in a quick release of “Don’t Touch Me” and Magazine.

Source: Star News