Airline Stewardess Spilled Ramen On A Model’s Lap Causing Severe Burns

The airline didn’t have the proper medication to treat her extreme burns.

Asiana Airlines‘ stewardess spilled a hot bowl of ramen on a passenger’s lap, causing severe burns.

The passenger’s identity was not revealed, news reports named her as a former model with the last name Jang.

The incident happened in March of 2014, during a flight from Incheon to Paris.

The model was seated in business class, and the plane was mid-flight when the stewardess passed through the aisle with a hot bowl of ramen. Due to turbulence, the stewardess accidentally spilled the hot bowl of ramen on the model’s lap.

Her thigh area and lower stomach were heavily burned.

The burns she suffered ranged from second-degree burns and third-degree burns.

Photo of Asiana Airline’s business class seating.

Jang sued the airline and the stewardess for her burns, and the court awarded her around $100,000 USD. Asiana Airlines and the stewardess were decreed to split the cost.

After her 3-year long court case was finally concluded, Jang opened up about the mistreatment she faced from the airline. The airline didn’t have the proper medical supplies to treat her wounds immediately.

“When the incident happened, I asked the airline staff to please check if there was a doctor on board. The staff did not comply with my requests. They did not have anti-burn gauze or any emergency medicine to treat my burns. The only things I was given were some cream and a bag of ice. It was only when I reached Paris, that I was able to properly treat the burns.”

— Jang

Jang will have to undergo years of treatment for her burns, which critically affects her career as a model.

“Furthermore, I have to continue getting corrective surgery for the next 10 years and even then, proper recovery is hard according to doctors. Even my private areas were burned during the incident. Doctors said that it might have an effect on future plans for pregnancy as well.”

— Jang