Akdong Musician Will Be Making Their Comeback In September

AKMU is back!

Akdong Musician has been reported to be making their comeback after more than 2 years away from the industry due to Lee Chanhyuk’s military enlistment.

According to an exclusive report, Akdong Musician is currently in the process of finalizing their comeback album. Their comeback is expected to be in the last week of September, but it could be delayed to early October if additional work needs to be done.

Akdong Musician has not released an album since “Dinosaur” in July 2017, before Lee Chanhyuk enlisted in the military. After a 2 year and 2 month hiatus, fans are excited to hear what the group has in store. Music distributors have also been preparing for Akdong Musician’s full-scale promotions for their comeback.

Back on August 31, the group performed at the Some Day Festival and performed an unreleased song called “Let’s Have Time”, sparking discussion about their comeback.

YG Entertainment has yet to confirm the news of the comeback.

Source: Joy News24