AKMU’s Chanhyuk Hilariously Admits He Still Hasn’t Visited Suhyun’s New Home

“I keep thinking from time to time that I need to go because she is family.”

AKMU‘s Chanhyuk is peak sibling energy when he hilariously revealed that he’s still thinking about visiting his sister’s house for the first time!

Chanhyuk (left), Suhyun (right)| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

Chanhyuk and Suhyun appeared on JTBC’s Nice Alone, and for this episode, actresses Kim Sae Ron and Kim Bora visited Suhyun’s house. While watching the video, Song Eun Yi asked Chanhyuk about his long-due visit to his sister’s new house!

Have you visited your sister’s house yet?

—Son Eun Yi

To this, he admitted that he still hadn’t visited Suhyun’s new house, and hilariously responded with,

I keep thinking from time to time that I need to go because she is family.



After hearing this, everyone else joked that this was something that you say when you are trying to visit family over the holidays, and Suhyun shared a story from the time the siblings still lived together at home!

When I lived at our parent’s house, my friends who come over sometimes. We would bother him[Chanhyuk] to come out of his room and he would order chicken for us.


After seeing how shocked the hosts were, Chanhyuk shared that if it were not for Suhyun calling him out, he would never leave his room, and also joked that this was the beginning of him looking for houses to move into!

Otherwise I don’t come out of my room. This is [also] when I started to dream of living on my own.


AKMU is the funniest sibling duo around!

| @akmuchanhk/Instagram

Source: Insight Korea