AKMU Responds To Fans Claiming That They Should “Escape YG Entertainment”

Fans want them to leave YG Entertainment.

AKMU recently held a showcase to present their latest new album, titled “Sailing”. As it was their first comeback in 2 years and 2 months, many people were desperate with questions for the duo.


One of them was the topic on YG Entertainment‘s long list of scandals that broke out this past year. Chanhyuk replied that they are aware of the fans’ concerns about YG and that they’re thinking about it as well.

We well understand what our fans are worried about. We’re also thinking about it too.

— Chanhyuk


He also addressed the fans’ desperate plea for them to “escape YG”. Chanhyuk also gave his piece about the fans pleas as he explained that he is happy working with his team at the moment and would like to work with them more.

The people that I’m working with now are really good people. We stay up every night and working happily on our music.

I want to spend my time right now working happily to show good results to the fans.

— Chanhyuk


And just as Chanhyuk wished, he’s clearly kept the right people next to him because his title track soared to top the charts with its release! Multiple songs ranked high on various music charts.


Check out their new music video for “How can I love the heartbreak, you’re the one I love” below:

Source: Asia Today