AKMU’s Lee Chanhyuk Feels Partially Responsible For His Sister Wanting To Quit Music

She has been in a slump since two years ago.

AKMU‘s Lee Suhyun revealed that she considers herself to still be in the process of overcoming the slump she mentioned two years ago.

AKMU’s Lee Suhyun | @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

In 2021, Lee Suhyun appeared on the JTBC variety show Long Live Independence and confessed that she thought about retiring because she felt stuck and in a slump.

In the past year, it seemed like there was nothing I really wanted to do. I disliked music. Up until a year ago, I was thinking of retiring.

— Lee Suhyun on Long Live Independence in 2021


I knew it was a slump and sought help from my senior singers.

— Lee Suhyun on Long Live Independence in 2021

On the morning of August 21, a press conference was held at YG Entertainment to commemorate the release of AKMU’s fourth single, Love Lee.

| YG Entertainment

During the press conference, Lee Suhyun was asked about this statement from 2021, and she revealed how she is now.

That episode became a hot topic, so I thought many people would ask me about it during this album promotion. I debated how honestly I should talk about it, but I thought it would be right to talk about it honestly… I am still in the process of overcoming it. I’m still making an effort.

— Lee Suhyun

Lee Chanhyuk (left) and Lee Suhyun (right) | @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

The singer also shared that her brother and fellow AKMU member Lee Chanhyuk helped her during this time.

My brother has been giving me a lot of advice and help, and he gave me the heart to search for fun while doing this album’s promotions. Instead of stopping and waiting until I’m perfectly ready, I worked on this album with the thought, ‘Let’s try it when someone gives me this kind of courage!’ I also expect to receive a lot of positive energy through this album’s promotions.

— Lee Suhyun

| @leechanhyuk/Instagram

Lee Chanhyuk chimed in with the interview, showing his brotherly concern and love for Lee Suhyun. He believed he was somewhat responsible for his sister’s slump.

I realized a bit late that I might have pushed her too hard to melt into the music. I believe there was also some responsibility on my part for Suhyun’s slump.

— Lee Chanhyuk

Lee Suhyun (top) and Lee Chanhyuk (right) in an online meeting. | @leechanhyuk/Instagram

He continued by sharing AKMU’s musical direction from now on.

Now, AKMU will move forward by researching and producing music that the public likes… Previously, AKMU’s only music outlet was AKMU itself, so it was difficult to express our musical ambitions through that, and Suhyun’s opinions were dissolved, too. But now, with solo and project-based music, AKMU has found the answer to do what people like. I want to be able to say from now on, ‘In the future, AKMU will definitely make music that people like.’

— Lee Chanhyuk

AKMU’s new song “Love Lee” was released on August 21.

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