AKMU’s Suhyun Reveals The Staggering Difference Between Her Highest And Lowest Weight

The difference is shocking!

Like most idols, AKMU‘s Suhyun has had her fair share of struggles with dieting, and she recently shared the shocking difference between her lowest and highest weight!

Suhyun | YG Entertainment

Suhyun recently uploaded a video on her Youtube channel, where she talked about and introduced her meals for the week. She began by talking about how she’s been dieting for a long time, and has now come to immensely hate the word ‘diet’!

I’m so sick and tired of it! A word that annoys me everytime I hear it. DIET!


She then revealed that she’s yo-yo’d back and forth with her weight, and shared that there was a difference of 20kg (~45 pounds) between her lowest and her highest weight!

I gained and lost a lot of weight. From the lowest to the highest, there’s a difference of about 20kg! I went back and forth a lot.


Because of the fluctuations in her weight, it’s getting harder for her to lose any more weight, and so, Suhyun revealed that she’s completely given up on dieting, and is instead following a healthy meal plan that leaves her full and happy!

Because of that, it’s getting harder to lose any more weight. My body went through a lot. My goal for this year…is to finally finish it off! To nip it off at the bud!

This year, I’m going to end my ill-fated relationship with diets!


No matter what weight Suhyun is at, she never fails to shine! Watch her talk about her struggles with dieting here, and her current meal plan as well!