The Heartbreaking Reason AKMU’s Suhyun Doesn’t Take Pictures With Fans Anymore

The idol spilled on the hardships of being in K-Pop.

Most people think that being a K-Pop idol means that they are living the dream and should be grateful for the opportunities. In reality, idols have been sharing that this is far from the case and that it is a tough industry to be in, with the pressures from their companies and expectations from society.

One idol who has recently shared those hardships is one half of AKMU, Suhyun.

AKMU’s Suhyun | @akmu_suhyun/Instagram

AKMU first debuted in 2012 and broke many stereotypes by not only being one of the only co-ed groups but shining as one of the only sibling duos in K-Pop. Yet, although they might not fit into “idol” standards, they are still scrutinized and subjected to the same treatment from fans.

AKMU’s Chanhyuk (left) and Suhyun (right) | YG Entertainment
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Suhyun recently released a video on her YouTube channel that has been gaining attention from Korean netizens.

In the video, Suhyun played two roles to create the atmosphere of a real interview. She asked questions as a college student reporter and answered questions in the form of feisty star Lee Soo-hyun.

In particular, one of the questions stood out the most to netizens. During the video, Suhyun shared that one of the downsides of being in the K-Pop industry was the lack of privacy.

And the downside is that the things that I don’t want to reveal are somehow revealed to the public.

Suhyun then brought up a rumor that has apparently been going around, particularly when it came to the AKMU singer and her interactions with fans when she’s out and about.

When people spot you on the street, at a restaurant, or at a café, there’s a rumor that you refuse to take pictures at such places. Is it true? Is there a problem with your personality?

Although Suhyun was in character, there seemed to be a genuine reaction to the question as she replied, “I don’t know from where you heard that rumor.”

However, it was her reasoning behind why she is sometimes reluctant to take pictures with fans when she isn’t on a schedule, and it’s all because of past experiences which have been negative.

It might be a hidden camera prank. I’ve been through so many of that.

— Suhyun

Unsurprisingly, Suhyun revealed that it was the reason she was sometimes reluctant to take pictures with fans. Although she didn’t elaborate on the details, it’s heartbreaking to know that the singer has gone through it. Yet, she even apologized if it came across as harsh, even though it seemed to be for her safety.

So maybe because of that I’m a bit reluctant to take pictures. Or maybe I feel pressured while taking pictures outside. If it seems like I unintentionally rejected a lot of people, I’m sorry about that.

— Suhyun

Suhyun then added that although she might be hesitant to take pictures with people, she always does autographs if fans want them. It seems like, despite her worry, Suhyun still wants to give back to her fans whenever she can.

When the video was shared, netizens posted their praise for Suhyun for tackling some extremely difficult topics. In particular, the topic of fans taking pictures without permission or trying to prank idols to showcase their bad side is a problem often spoken about.

Sometimes, netizens forget that idols are people and not just puppets that can be manipulated. It seems sad that Suhyun felt the need to apologize or defend herself against rumors and showcases the darker side of being an idol.

You can watch more of AKMU’s Suhyun opening up about some of the hardships of being an idol below.

Source: 이수현 Official

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