AKMU Suhyun’s Recent Live Broadcast Gets Bombarded With Spam Comments From BTS Fans

Some even attacked her appearance.

Just a day ago, AKMU‘s Suhyun decided to hold a V Live session for all of her fans. This was her first time doing a live stream in five months so naturally, there was a lot of excitement built up around it. Despite all of the anticipation, however, Suhyun was met with unwarranted negativity and hate during her live broadcast — from BTS fans.

AKMU’s Suhyun on her “V Live.”

Throughout the duration of Suhyun’s V Live, the comment section began to fill up with enormous amounts of spam from people claiming to be fans of BTS. The reason? October 13, the day that Suhyun held her live broadcast, happened to also be the same day as BTS Jimin‘s birthday.

Comments such as “I am waiting for Jimin live”, “when will Jimin come live”“HBD Jimin” and more began to take over Suhyun’s chat box. However, out of all the comments, there were a few that criticized the AKMU member’s appearance, as some BTS fans began to call her “ugly.”

Comments under Suhyun’s “V Live” | V Live
Comments under Suhyun’s “V Live” | V Live

At some point during her V Live, Suhyun shared that her parents and her friends were tuned into the broadcast. Regardless of that information, the incessant spam comments continued to fill up her comment section — so she decided to address ongoing situation. With all the love, she told the BTS fans,

Please do not fight. Feel free to use ban-mal (informal speech) or jon dae mal (formal speech), but please do not cross the line. I have yet to see anyone who has crossed the line. It’s okay to mention other artists, however, I don’t mind that.

— AKMU’s Suhyun on V Live

AKMU’s Suhyun never fails to remain classy even in tough situations — and we love her for it.

Source: V Live