Alec Benjamin Dishes On A Collaboration With BTS’s Jimin

He revealed that a collab is in the works.

Singer Alec Benjamin has shared his plans to collaborate with BTS‘s Jimin!


In August, Jimin updated his Spotify playlist and five songs of the songs he added were by Alec Benjamin.


Alec Benjamin was thrilled to see this. So thrilled, in fact, that he invited Jimin to come to his show in Seoul on August 18.


Soon after he tweeted the invite, his manager called and asked him to delete the tweet. Otherwise, chaos would ensue!

And then the next thing I know, my manager calls me and he’s like, ‘Yo, you need to take that tweet down’. He’s like, ‘Because Jimin’s coming to the show and if people know he’s coming to the show, it’ll be complete chaos.’

— Alec Benjamin


Jimin attended the show with Eric Nam and took some selfies with Alec Benjamin backstage. Since then, fans have been crossing their fingers for a collaboration.


In a new interview, Alec Benjamin revealed that after his 2-month break, he plans to collaborate with other artists, including Jimin and Khalid.

So, I have some plans to collaborated with Khalid and also Jimin from BTS.

— Alec Benjamin


Right now, dates haven’t been confirmed, but fans can look forward to hearing an angelic duet in the future!