AleXa Shows Off Her Duality As Both A Superhero And A Supervillain

We’d simp for both👀

We all know AleXa is basically a superhero. She is a crazy talented singer, dance machine, and badass AI warrior.

| AleXa/ZB Label

AleXa can pull off literally anything, but her latest look is everything. She posted a picture on social media showing off a new hairstyle and we’re obsessed! If we hadn’t noticed a likeness already, her caption hinted that the hair is inspired by another iconic heroine.

The resemblance to X-Men’s Rogue is uncanny! It also has us thinking maybe AleXa should join a superhero cinematic universe. 🤔 She would fit right in.

X-Men’s Rogue | Marvel/

In the same day, she not only transformed into a super-heroine but a supervillain as well. She joined the Harley Quinn TikTok trend in which you cosplay as the character and lip-sync to dialogue from Suicide Squad.


don’t ya wanna rev up your harley? ❤️💙 #AleXa #알렉사 #HarleyQuinn #할리퀸 #ilovemargotrobbiesm #arleensorkinalwaystheoriginal #butmargotisamazing

♬ original sound – Tik Toker

She killed it! We’re just waiting for Actress AleXa to make her debut now. 👀

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