AleXa Opened Up About What Her Experience Was Like As A Trainee On “Produce 48”

She shared what it was like on the show!

AleXa opened up and shared what her experience as a participant on Produce 48 was like!

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AleXa recently sat down for an interview with Korea JoonAng Daily, where she talked about her personal and professional life!

AleXa also spoke about her Produce 48 experience, and revealed that at the time, she spoke little to no Korean, and depended on the other participants and mentors on the show a lot!

When I first came to Korea for Produce, at that time, I didn’t speak any Korean aside from annyeonghasseyeo or kamsahamnida. The teachers were very nice, very understanding towards me and helpful. I learned a lot from a lot of the other girls that were on the show.

Especially from my unnies, or some of the other girls that had already debuted before. They gave me pointers and stage manners; how to present yourself on stage. So there was a lot I learned that I took away from Produce.


After her appearance on Produce 48 in 2018, AleXa made her official debut in October 2019 with the single “Bomb”.

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