AleXa Fans Shut Down Lip Syncing Accusations On “American Song Contest” 

“Do you hear that majestic high note???”

AleXa brought down the house on American Song Contest, but some critics say her performance was too good to be true.

AleXa | @AlexaSuperfan/Twitter

The Oklahoma-born soloist recently performed her song “Wonderland” on American Song Contest, the American take on Eurovision Song Contest. On this singing competition show, 56 artists representing 50 states, five territories, and the country’s capital perform dazzling renditions of original songs.

After eight weeks, the country’s best original song (and its artist) will be crowned the winner of American Song Contest. 

AleXa may be new to American Song Contest viewers, but she’s no stranger to singing competitions. AleXa competed on Rising Legends in 2016 and Produce 48 in 2018 before making her solo debut with Bomb in 2019.

“Wonderland” was one of the highlights of American Song Contest‘s opening night. AleXa put on an incredible show with magnificent costumes and vocals to match.

Although this talented songstress is receiving praise from fans and many viewers, some critics have accused her of lip syncing on the show.

Fans have come to AleXa’s defense, arguing that she did indeed sing live, but her backing track was too loud. It is common practice for K-Pop idols, who sing while dancing intense choreography, to use backing tracks.

To prove this, fans have pointed out AleXa’s best vocal moments in “Wonderland” and the spots where she can be heard deviating from the backing track.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch “Wonderland” here.