AleXa Opens Up About The Pressure She Is Under As A Solo Artist

“Sometimes I wish I had members…”

AleXa opened up about the pressures of being a solo artist!

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On the latest episode of the How Did I Get Here podcast, AleXa was asked a question by a fan, regarding how she manages the incredible pressure that comes with preparing for big events.

How do you handle the pressure of big events?

AleXa shared that a ton of her pressure comes from preparing for events such as comebacks as a solo artist, and revealed just how stressed she gets while promoting by herself.

For me, it’s a little different because I am a solo artist. Before my first comeback stage or like before the first on-move scene for the MV we started filming…Sometimes I wish I had members to be like “Hey, can we talk about this?” [To] Build team spirit up so that I’m not just freaking out by myself.


AleXa then said that despite promoting as a solo act, she still gets tons of support from her amazing staff and dance team, who always have her back!

Thankfully, I have my wonderful dance teams I work with, and my staff that are wonderful and supportive!


While addressing the main topic, she revealed that major pressure for her comes from preparing for the first stage of her comeback, where she’s a bundle of nerves!

In the pressure of big events for me, it’s typically always the first stage of my comeback. That typically makes me freak out, because, you know, there’s the rehearsals before; you got the dry, the camera, and then the live show. And its like if I mess up during any of those, I’m just like, “This is literally my first day, why do I suck…”


She also shared how she gets more nervous preparing for her stages as an idol than she did back when she did theatre in school, as having to stand onstage alone can be stressful!

But all her efforts pay off, because AleXa is amazing at every single one of her stages!

Watch her talk about it here!

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