AleXa Reunited With MAMAMOO, Posts Heart-Warming Tribute To Them

MAMAMOO’s encouragement motivated AleXa to continue working hard.

AleXa, formerly known as Alex Christine when she was a contestant on Produce48debuted in late October with her song “Bomb”. In just one day on YouTube, her song had over a million views!

Before her official debut as a solo artist, AleXa appeared in the MV for MAMAMOO‘s “gogobebe”. On November 15, she posted a sweet tribute to her sunbaenim on Twitter that read:

I got the chance to meet Mamamoo (sunbaenim) on the set of their latest music video. It was a great honor to receive such kind words from them for my debut. I will do my best and work very hard to become a little more more like the amazing members of Mamamoo! And their new song “HIP” is super catchy! As expected from mamamoo (Sunbaenim) They’re the best! Gracias reinas!

It’s incredible seeing women supporting other women, taking the time to fix each other’s crowns! 👑