AleXa Reveals her Dream K-Pop Collaboration Would Be With SHINee’s Taemin

He’s one of her biggest influences.

K-Pop star AleXa recently released her mini-album Decoherence and celebrated her first year as a K-Pop idol. Born in Oklahoma, USA, she signed with ZB Label to chase after her dreams to become a K-Pop star.

| ZB Label

Her new album is the final chapter to her trilogy that has been going on since her debut. “It’s basically the blockbuster ending of the trilogy.”

In terms of artistry, she was asked what sets her apart from others.

The entire AleXa project is what differentiates us. The fun thing about us is that whenever we hold song [production] camps, we already have the music video in mind – so we create songs based on our vision. I like to think that AleXa is my alter ego, she has all of Alex’s good qualities, and is fearless and courageous. And Alex is just Alex.

⁠— AleXa for South China Morning Post

She also recommended three songs from her discography she wanted new listeners to hear.



Moon and Back

She revealed that she first got into K-Pop after a friend showed her Super Junior. After finding out about SHINee, especially Taemin, he became a huge influence on her life and her career.

| ZB Label

She even hoped that maybe one day she would be able to collaborate with him.

As impossible as it may be, maybe not even a song but doing a [performance] with Taemin would be incredible.

— AleXa for South China Morning Post

Her goal for the upcoming year is to take better care of herself and her health. “I need to get more sleep. Health is very important. And then for AleXa, the goal is to continue global outreach as much as we can given the circumstances.”

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