ALICE’s Do-A And Yeonje To Halt Activities Due To Health Reasons

We wish them a speedy recovery.

K-Pop girl group ALICE’s Do-A and Yeonje will temporarily suspend their activities due to health reasons. Below is the official statement released by IOK Company.

Hello, this is IOK Company. We sincerely thank the fans who always support and care for ALICE. We will inform you about members Do-A and Yeonje’s health conditions and future activities.

Do-A and Yeonje recently visited the hospital for poor physical conditions and health reasons. The medical staff stated they needed sufficient rest and stability. After careful discussion with the artist, we have decided to suspend activities while focusing on sufficient rest and recovery.

ALICE’s activities will be carried out as a five-member system after today, and future activities related to Do-A and Yeonje will be announced later. We apologize for causing concern to fans with the sudden news, and we ask for your understanding that we have made the above decision with the artist’s health as our top priority.

Source: star news
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