K-Pop Girl Group ALICE To Hold Fan Sign Meeting For The First Time In 4 Years

They will finally be meeting with fans.

K-Pop girl group ALICE will release their pre-release fan song, “Power of Love” and hold an in-person fan sign event. They will hold the fan sign event on May 14 at the Dongja Art Hall at 7 PM KST with 50 fans to celebrate the release of the song.

This will be their first fan sign event in about four years since their third mini album, SUMMER DREAM, which dropped in 2018. They will be able to spend precious time with their fans who have been waiting for them.

“Power of Love” is a track led by only vocals and a piano, allowing the members to reveal their vocal skills that have not been revealed before. They hope their emotions will reach the fans that have been continuously supporting them. 

Source: star mt