ALICE’s Sohee Gains Attention Online For Her Beautifully Curvy Hips

“Her hips ❤ She has the best body in K-Pop.”

Back in November 2022, K-Pop girl group ALICE (formerly ELRIS) performed their song “DANCE ON” on the 544th episode of music program Simply K-Pop Con-Tour.

For some reason, despite this performance being five months old, the fancam of member Sohee has been gaining attention online lately due to the main vocalist’s stunning figure.

While the full-group video of the “DANCE ON” performance has around 130k views, Sohee’s fancam currently has around 234k.

Dressed in a bright red crop top and low-rise jeans, Sohee’s curvy figure is on full display as she dances powerfully to the song.

Sohee (ALICE) |

The mixture of an eye-catching fitted top and flared jeans paired with a belly chain was a great choice by Sohee’s stylist!


The ALICE member has a gorgeous S-line figure as well, something that many people aspire to have.

Comments on Sohee’s fancam are overwhelmingly positive, with fans praising her for both her great performance abilities as well as her stunning visuals.

There’s no doubt that Sohee works hard to stay in such great shape, so she definitely deserves to be recognized for it!

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