All The Members Of This New K-Pop Girl Group Are Actually Pornstars

The J-Pop star-turned-porn star Yua Mikami will be joined by two other Japanese porn stars to create the new K-Pop group Honey Popcorn.

It was revealed that the former J-Pop singer and porn star Yua Mikami would soon debut as a K-Pop girl group.


Now, the two other members of the group  Honey Popcorn have also been announced and they too are former porn actresses.

Honey Popcorn is scheduled to release their first mini album and hold their debut showcase on March 14.


The first member, Yua Mikami, was a former member of SKE48 under the stage name Momona Kito before entering the AV industry.

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She is extremely dedicated to making this debut a success and has reached out to the Korean audience through dance covers of Kpop through SNS.


The other members’ names are Miko (Okada Risako of NMB48)…

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And Sakura (Ito Yuu of Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome).

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Both members were also previously members of a J-Pop girl group and ex-porn stars.


Although they have a risque past…


They’re going for a brand new image as they take on the K-Pop industry!