Alleged Bullying Victim Refutes 8TURN Myungho’s Claim Of Innocence With Evidence

The idol was hit with bullying allegations just 9 days into his debut.

An alleged victim, who accused newly debuted idol, Myunho of 8TURN of bullying, provided evidence after the idol and his label denied the incident as false.

Myungho | MNH Entertainment

On February 8, a netizen alleged that in 2017, when they were a freshman in High School, Myungho and his group of friends had verbally assaulted them for a misunderstanding.

In 2017, I was a freshman in High School. The boys in my class were playing with dried ice. Despite the ice making a mess on a different student’s belongings, they didn’t bother to clean up the mess and were just standing.

At that instant, I needed to use the restroom, so I helped clean up the mess and then left the classroom to go to the restroom. When I returned, I said, ‘Ah, that was refreshing.’ (Myungho and his group of friends) thought that I had said that because I had told on them, and from then on, they cursed at me, calling me ‘b@tch,’ ‘f@cking b@tch,’ and ‘m@therless b@tch.’ They also threatened to kill me and would curse at me for looking at them. When my friends told them that it was all a misunderstanding and that I didn’t tell, they responded by saying, ‘Who cares? Just be a victim, get cursed out, see what it is like.’

— Netizen

The netizen wrote that although they reported the group to the School Violence Committee, they were disuaded from escalating the issue further by their teacher.

The netizen further stated that they had been traumatized by the incident and that they were now aftraid of men. The netizen also stated that they have been seeing a psychiatrist for seven years.

I can’t forget the look on Ji Myungho and the male students. Due to this trauma, even if it is for work, I am still unable to talk to men. My body shakes, and I can’t even make eye contact (with men), and I have been getting help from a psychiatrist for the past years.

— Netizen

After the netizen’s allegation went viral, the idol’s label, MNH Entertainment, released a statement dismissing them as false.

Recently, false information, including malicious slander, has been circulating online about Myungho. It is clear that the information posted online is false, as we have checked and cross-checked the facts in various ways. As a result, the reputation of his name is being damaged.

We are taking legal action by requesting a case with the legal representative to protect our artist’s name from posts regarding defamation, slander, and false facts. Even after this time, we will continue to conduct legal action and seek strict responsibility for all actions posted online.

We will respond strongly with punishment without leniency to malicious posts and comments beyond malicious expansion, encouragement of interpretation, or a simple expression of opinions.

— MNH Entertainment

On January 9, the netizen responded to MNH Entertainment’s statement, revealing that the label didn’t bother to verify with them whether the bullying had occurred.

I saw (MNH Entertainment’s) statement. They concluded the allegations were false without even verifying it with the victim, hurting the victim once more. Help me. Now, I feel like I need to receive an apology at the very least. I still have voice recordings.

— Netizen

The netizen also provided evidence of going to the same school as the idol, including a yearbook, class photos, an incident report, and text messages from alleged classmates who stated the incident had happened.

Year book picture provided by netizen | Nate Pann

Class photo provided by netizen | Nate Pann

Incident report provided by netizen | Nate Pann

Myungho debuted with 8TURN on January 30, 2022.

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