ADOR Documents Allegedly Found By HYBE Receive Major Backlash From Netizens For Being “Disrespectful” To Korean History

It was all about the name of the documents.

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ADOR Min Hee Jin‘s feud with HYBE has become a huge topic over the last few days, but the company has come under fire after the title of a document found by HYBE sparked backlash.


Amidst all the documents and statements found, news outlets have reported that Channel A reported a document that apparently contains a passage indicating Min Hee Jin’s desire for ADOR’s independence.

“Project 1945?” — HYBE Allegedly Finds Additional Documents To Support Claims That Min Hee Jin Had Been Planning A Coup

Yet, what struck a chord with netizens was noticing that the document was called “Project 1945” and reported in that way on news outlets.

The news segment from “Channel A”

When netizens found out that the file was allegedly called “Project 1945,” they were shocked. 1945 is an important date for Koreans as it was when South Korea was liberated from Japan, and netizens were in shock that ADOR was seemingly comparing the company’s independence from HYBE to that of Korea and Japan.

Considering how important the year is, netizens believed that ADOR seemingly compared the desire for independence to a significant part of Korea’s history, adding that it seems to boost their ego.

Many netizens found it extremely disrespectful and seemed to treat 1945 as something trivial and could be used for a “feud” between K-Pop companies.

You can read Min Hee Jin’s response below.

ADOR Responds To HYBE’s Claims That “Project 1945” Proves Min Hee Jin’s Plans To Usurp Power

Source: TV Daily and Channel A News

HYBE vs. ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin

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