A Shaman’s Predictions For The 2022 Qatar World Cup Are Going Viral For This Very Eerie Reason

Is it just a coincidence?

An alleged Shaman’s prediction for Korea’s National Team at the 2022 Qatar World Cup is going viral.

Shaman | Theqoo

On December 1, a netizen uploaded a post in an online community that has since gone viral. In the post, the uploader shared an alleged Shaman’s prediction for the World Cup. The predictions are said to have been made on October 14.

Kangin Lee and Bento are passing acquaintances. The destiny that binds them together as a student and teacher are weak.

I believe that the Uruguay match might end in a tie. I think we may struggle in the match against Ghana. I believe we will play our best against Portugal.

— Shaman

With the Korean National Team tieing Uruguay and losing to Ghana, the Shaman’s predictions have been correct thus far.

Son Heung Min | DongA Ilbo

The Shaman then also made predictions that were eerily specific but not as eerie as the fact that it seems the predictions have come true.

(Bento) will be upset and in a bad mood on November 28. (Kangin Lee) will shine brightest on November 28. There is a high chance we will change coaches after the World Cup. Korea will finish between 8 and 4 place.

— Shaman

Just like the Shaman had predicted on November 28, National team coach Paolo Bento was upset enough to have received a red card while Kangin Lee proved himself to be one of Korea’s brightest stars.

Bento (right) receives a red card | Chosun Weekly

Netizens reacted to the Shaman’s prediction and hoped that her prediction that Korea would make it out of the group stages to place no less than 8 would come true.

  • “Let’s go!”
  • “I want to believe her, LOL.”
  • “It’s pretty interesting, LOL. They asked her these questions after giving her the players’ birth dates, and this is how she answered. She wasn’t told the birth dates were of members of the National Team until the end.”
  • “Let’s go!”
  • “Shamanism, LOL. Let’s go!”
  • “Please predict the Uruguay and Ghana match. Uruguay needs to win for us to advance.”
  • “Let’s go to the Quarter-Finals!”

Although Shamanism has become a divisive taboo in today’s tumultuous political climate, when it comes to the World Cup, many are willing to look the other way… As long as Korea is predicted to win, that is!

Team Korea faces Portugal in their final group match at the World Cup on December 3. Korea must defeat Portugal, and Uruguay must defeat Ghana for Korea to advance.

Source: theqoo