Alleged SM Entertainment Trainee Opens Instagram Account And Teases Debut Under NCT With A New Unit

He claims that there will be a new unit with 7 members.

An alleged SM Entertainment trainee has stepped up to social media. Although it is commonly known that trainees are often not allowed to have a public social media, this alleged trainee claims otherwise.

Named Yuchan, his Instagram profile features a dance video taken in the famed SM Entertainment practice rooms, making fans certain he’s a trainee under the company.

In a recent Q&A that has since been deleted, he claimed that he and the trainees were temporarily allowed social media use, and hinted that once the account is deleted, debut would be around the corner.

According to an online community post, he previously announced to fans that he would allegedly be making a debut with 7 other members in NCT V, what he claims to be a new sub-unit for NCT.

Not much other news is known about the supposed trainee, neither has any confirmation been released. Stay tuned!

Source: pann