Almeng’s Lee Hae Yong saves elderly woman from drunken assault

On January 8th, Almeng’s Lee Hae Yong saved an elderly woman he saw on the street who was attacked by a drunk assailant.6

Police officers reported that Lee Hae Yong was near the Sillim Station in Seoul where he saw an 81-year old woman being attacked. Minding her own business, the woman was picking up recycling materials when a drunk male attacked her for no apparent reason.

Kicking and hitting the elderly woman, the assaulter continuously told the woman to shut up when she questioned his actions. Lee Hae Yong stepped in, holding back the man until the authorities arrived.

Thankfully, the woman did not suffer any major injuries during the incident. For this, Lee Hae Yong is expected to receive a letter of gratitude as well as reward money for his courageousness.

He told reporters, “It’s not that I have a large amount of justice, anyone that is modest would do the same thing.”

Lee Hae Yong took part in K-Pop Star Season 3 and released “Phone in Love” in October 2014.

Source: Nate