The “Amazing Saturday” Cast Reacted To Taeyeon’s New MV, And They’re Literal Squad Goals

Their support and hype for her is everything!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon made her long-awaited summer comeback, and the cast of Amazing Saturday made sure to show their support for their fellow cast member!

Taeyeon released the MV for her comeback single “Weekend” on July 6, and on recently, released a video of her Amazing Saturday cast members reacting to her MV! Taeyeon joined the variety show as a fixed member in October 2020 alongside SHINee‘s Key, and has entertained fans everywhere with her hilarious wit and chemistry with the other cast members, as well as the guests on the show!

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And now, they’re showing off their close bond and chemistry once again! The cast members gathered to react to her MV, and were hyping up Taeyeon’s talents and visuals the whole time!

They were all full of compliments, and also shared their appreciation in various forms! Key did some of the dance moves, showing off the fact that he’s already got them down pat!

Other cast members complimented Taeyeon on her rap verse, with rapper Nucksal hilariously claiming how they’d be in trouble if she gets any better!

Nucksal: ‘Just sing. Don’t challenge us.’

Key: ‘You will lose your job.’

Nucksal: ‘I really will at this rate!’


They also brought their characteristic humor while reacting, with Shin Dong Yup hilariously clapping and commending SM Entertainment for spending well-deserved money on the MV!

They invested some money. They spent a lot of money!

—Shin Dong Yup

And in the end, Shin Dong Yup alone sat down for an encore review of the MV, until Taeyeon told him to get up and leave already!

It’s so great to see her Amazing Saturday fam having her back!

Taeyeon made her comeback with the single Weekend.

Watch her cast member hype her up here!

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