“Amazing Saturday” Under Fire For Making Fun Of A Non-Celebrity’s Picture On The Show

The production team is being criticized for a potential violation of her portrait rights.

In the latest episode of Amazing Saturday, the hosts and guests played a game of “Guess The Meme” in which they had to guess from where popular memes from the internet originate.

The “Amazing Saturday” hosts. | tvN

In one of the rounds, a relatively popular one — best known as the “Park Na Rae & Simon Dominic” meme — aired.

A screenshot from an episode of “Ask Anything”. | KBS

When the hosts and guests saw the meme, they immediately burst into laughter while pointing out the “uncanny resemblance between the woman in the blue and Park Na Rae“.

While the hosts and guests meant no harm, this segment unfortunately did not sit well with the viewers. Shortly after the episode aired, Amazing Saturday viewers expressed concern over the situation — and how the production team may have even potentially violated the woman’s portrait rights.

| theqoo
  • “Look at them crack up about it. The production team must be out of their minds. I can’t tell who’s laughing so loudly, but it’s f*cking annoying.”
  • “Sigh… Completely thoughtless.”
  • “If the production team didn’t get permission from the person in the meme, this is a serious problem. Why would they even bring a non-celebrity picture into this?”
  • “You know, I’ve actually seen this meme before and I laughed about it then. But I realize now how thoughtless that had been.”
  • “Uh, she’s a non-celebrity. Why use her picture? They really did not think this through.”
  • “I’m assuming if her relative got offended, the production team didn’t get in touch with the family about the permission to use her picture. If I were her, I’d be really irritated. I mean, who wants to be the laughingstock on TV?”
  • “I think both the woman and her family might have felt really offended… because it’s not like the hosts and guests are really talking about how similar they look. It’s more like they’re laughing and making fun of the picture. I hope the Amazing Saturday team learns from this instance, at the very least.”

The concern grew when the video of this particular segment was uploaded to Naver‘s TV service and someone claiming to be the woman’s relative left a troubled comment.

This is my aunt… from when she went on a show as a live audience. Why would you use it like this?

— Naver TV Comment

As viewers continue to question the Amazing Saturday team for an explanation, the show has not yet responded to the mild controversy.

The thumbnail of the video on Naver’s TV category. | tvN
Source: tvN, theqoo and Instagram