Prime Video Joins New K-Pop Meme Trend “Wedding Vs. The Next Morning” With BTS’s V

What better way to advertise “Jinny’s Kitchen?”

A new meme trend is taking over K-Pop Twitter, and Amazon Prime Video is getting into it.

The trend is to post a photo of your bias dressed up in a tux captioned “Wedding day,” with the photo on the right representing “The next morning” to show either a tired or domesticated version of the same person.

The trend instantly caught on as all fandoms have been participating. It looks like it might have originally begun with @brilliantshua on Twitter as their post went viral, and many fans then quote-tweeted it with their versions.

Prime Video Indonesia even participated by quote-tweeting the OP (Original Poster).

The social media manager for the account shared a photo of BTS‘s V in a suit from the press conference of Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seojin’s) for “wedding day.” A humorous screenshot from the actual show was used for “the next morning.”

It’s certainly a clever way to advertise Prime Video’s currently running variety show by using images from it in a trending online meme.

It’s even inspired more ARMYs to join the trend now. Many are quote-tweeting Prime Video Indonesia with pictures of their BTS biases.

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