Amber Fires Back at Haters Calling f(x) “Jobless”

“If the haters want to call us jobless, its fine because the jokes on them.”

f(x) has not been active since their last Japanese album “4 Walls / COWBOY” in November 2016 and some of their fans, MeUs, have been getting frustrated.


Due to their long hiatus, some fans have begun to “joke” about f(x) being jobless.


But some began to take the jokes more seriously, expressing their frustrations about f(x)’s hiatus.


As a result, Amber responded to the comments, apologizing and asking fans to understand that they are doing the best they can for their fans who continue to support and wait for them. She also fired back at haters, saying that the joke was on them.


Fans have been backing Amber up and shaming these “haters” who joked about f(x) being jobless.


Fans continue to support each f(x) member and their successful solo careers but hope that f(x) would be reunited soon with a comeback!