Amber Leaks Information Regarding Ailee’s US Debut

On January 5, 2017 f(x) member Amber posted a teaser post on Instagram for a U.S. debut for an artist named ALeean.

Amber does not explicitly state that this is Ailee but she and Ailee have been known to be close friends. Furthermore, the name ALeean is eerily close to Ailee’s fanclub name Aileean, leading to speculations that Ailee is indeed the singer in question.

Not much is released as of now other than the fact that a track will be released on January 7 on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play and a music video will be released on January 11 on YouTube and Vevo. Additionally, the artist is advertised as “famous singer, new alias.”

This gonna be ? #ALeean #FallBack #AleeanEncounter

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