Amber Opens Up About Her Personal Identity And Just How Important The LGBTQ Community Is To Her

(f)x’s Amber opened up about her new mixtape “Rogue Rouge” and what it says about her own identity and her stance on the LGBTQ community.

(f)x‘s Amber has released a new mixtape called “Rogue Rouge”, and Amber says it’s her first chance to show the world who she really is and her stance on free love.

She has been self-promoting the album with free streaming on SoundCloud and her own Youtube channel because she wants the world to see her for who she really is.


She opened up during an interview with Billboard about how “Rogue Rouge” is about showing the world her opinions, political stances, and the emotional journey to how she got to where she is today.

Still from “Right Now” MV from the “Rogue Rouge” mixtape.

“I think people still don’t know who I am. I wanted to be like, ‘Guys, I’m not who you think I am.’ I want to show a very humane side of me.” — Amber


The album is personal for Amber, with songs about heartbreak, privacy, freedom, and her experience in the music industry. She also took on a new change by featuring very little rapping, something different from her (f)x days when she was known as the rapper of the group.

Still from “Right Now”

“It’s always been in me, but I’m not a rapper. I’m a singer. I rap, but I don’t consider myself a rapper. I love songwriting and rap is part of my songwriting, but I’m not a rapper. I just love singing, I love narrations, I love using my voice. It’s been nearly 10 years being in this industry and I still get people who say, ‘She’s hard, she’s strong, she’s so brave.’ No! I’m really scared of everything, I’m very, very emotional, I’m extremely soft! If you say something to me I’ll be thinking about that until I go home. I wanted to be like, ‘Guys, I’m not who you think I am.’ I wanted the ability to be me.” — Amber


She also spoke of her support of the LGBTQ community, which is clear in her MVs like “Lifeline” and “Closed Doors”.

“I have a lot of LGBTQ friends, and when you love someone so much, why would anyone take that away from somebody? Just like I say on “Closed Doors,” that’s their privacy, that’s their relationship. Are you in a relationship with them too? No, you’re not! When I hang out with one of my trans friends, he’s so happy to be who he is now. And seeing him transition through that process, it’s amazing. And you know, love is love. Love is eternal. Love takes on many shapes and forms and [these songs are] for whoever you want to sing [them]. Gay, straight, bi, whatever, it doesn’t matter. Love is love.” — Amber


She also spoke about how such beliefs impacted her background and identity.

“I’m an androgynous tomboy with tattoos, piercings with a very conservative Asian cultural [background] and I’m in entertainment. I want people just to be the best them. People are like ‘You’re a girl, why do you have tattoos?’ and I say, ‘Well, I got even more! Here you go!’ You just can’t judge people if you don’t know them. I’m all for equality.” — Amber


For Amber, it’s about rebelling against the music industry’s labels, genre, and categories. She wants to share how important it is being true to herself and what she’s learned over the years.

“I think what sucks is the unnecessary pressure that society and we put on each other and that’s where the expectation of me ‘being a tomboy’ or expecting me to be this or that. I just kept everything in. I wasn’t a vocal person. I’m 25 now, I’m not going to act like teenager. I think that’s what a lot of child stars and people that grow up in the industry have to deal with: This is a business too. There are a lot of really good and bad things that happen in this world, and we can’t ignore it because we’re in entertainment, which is a fantasy world. It happens in the [United] States too. I think this is my way of saying, ‘C’mon guys, you can’t treat me like I’m 16 anymore. I’m not dumb.'” — Amber


Amber will be dropping two new MVs, “Three Million Years” on April 27 and “Get Over It” on April 30.

Source: Billboard