Amber Opens Up About Sulli’s Departure From f(x)

She spilled the details on Sulli’s departure from f(x).

f(x)‘s Amber was a guest on JustKiddingNewsOff The Record segment, where she opened up about Sulli’s decision to leave f(x), and the remaining 4 members’ thoughts when she decided to leave.

Steve Greene, who was also a guest on the show, brought up how up to a point, f(x) was 5 members and then suddenly, Sulli made her decision to leave.

Um so, she just had other artistic, like ambitions, and you know, we were just like, if that’s what makes you happy, go ahead.

— Amber

Steve was surprised at the idea that a member would choose to leave, and Amber confirmed that was the case.

Yeah, she chose to leave.

I know there’s a lot of drama with like other groups, that have like people leaving and then they call them out on Twitter, or whatever social media platform, but our was just like, if you don’t want to do it, it’s totally fine, you know, do your thing. And I think, you know, she’s going through stuff, so you know, it’s like, who’s not going through that? And I think, our group was very, like, just I don’t wanna say it was chill, it was like, we understand.

— Amber

Amber finishes her thought with how the K-Pop industry as a whole is created, and that takes a toll on all of the members of a group.

You know, it’s like, the worst part about K-pop is in the end, a lot of the groups are just very manufactured and if you’re, we’re like a billion different people being put into one group and we have to spend 24 hours with each other, you’re gonna go crazy, eventually.

Luckily there are other groups that do stick together.

But yeah, in the end, it’s just kinda like we all get it, and it’s just like, if you’re not happy doing something, as a friend, we don’t want to hold you back from your happiness.

— Amber

Amber also shared a story about how she ended up taking the place of another female trainee who was supposed to be in f(x), and how she felt bad because that certain female trainee was training longer than her. She mentioned how some of the girls she trained with quit the life, and they are much happier now.

She also talked about Red Velvet‘s Seulgi, and how Seulgi started training at SM Entertainment before her.

There’s a girl in Red Velvet, who’s actually a junior group of ours… her name is Seulgi. She’s younger than me but she actually was in the company before me.

So every time I would go back to the company before she debuted, I would be like, when are you debuting man, I wanna see you on stage! And she’s like I don’t know yet. She was there for 7 years, 7-8 years! But she’s super talented, she’s killing it right now.

— Amber

Finally, Amber shared how people in SM Entertainment would either try to “sabotage” trainees or vouch for those trainees they think would succeed.

Watch the whole segment with Amber below (she begins talking about Sulli around 10:20, and continues from then on).