Amber posts a touching SNS post for f(x)’s 7th anniversary

Celebrating their seventh anniversary since debut, f(x)’s Amber took to Instagram to write a heartfelt note to their fans! 

One of K-Pop’s most influential girl groups, f(x), celebrated their seventh anniversary last September 5th. The SM Entertainment group currently consists of members Amber, Victoria, Krystal and Luna. Amber took to Instagram to write a heartfelt note to f(x) members and fans and stated, “Lucky 7! Always thankful to all the MeUs out there who’ve always had out backs. But on the real though… We getting old XD Never gunna stop the grind and always gunna work hard for all you guys!!!”

f(x) made their debut as five members in 2009 with the single La Cha Ta. Since then, the group has released four studio albums including its most recent hit, 4 Walls. Back in 2015, however, the group continued to promote as four members after Sulli’s departure. 

Meanwhile, Amber has also released solo projects, including The 1st Mini Album ‘Beautiful’ and three more singles released in 2016.

Congratulations to f(x) and we are looking forward to many more years of music!