Amber reflects on her childhood with adorable photos on “Real Men”

f(x)‘s Amber has many roles to take on as both the youngest daughter of her family and as a K-pop idol. On the latest episode of Real Men, she reflected on her childhood with various photos.

Amber clearly showed viewers the importance of family particularly during hardships. During her training drill, the star crossed a body of water with Park Ha Sun on a single rope. Right after, she was asked by the officer to cross again alone. In response, she shed tears as she replied, “I can’t live alone. I hate being alone. I need help. There are numerous things that I don’t know about this world and there are challenges that are yet to come. I need someone to help me for these challenges.

The officer pointed out that Amber needed to boost her self-confidence and take the challenge either way. He followed up, “Despite succeeding the drill in a group already, what’s wrong with doing it yourself. You need to keep your confidence up.

The idol later brought up that she missed her older sister the most while training. She stated, “I’m gonna do it,” to her sister as she succeeded the drill alone. Through the officer’s rather harsh push, Amber seemed to have gained a boost of confidence.

During an interview after the drills, Amber revealed that during the drills, she was only thinking of her sister despite having to concentrate. “My mind is very unstable right now, as well as my body physically. I know that now I need to return the love for my family and sister that I’ve received up until now,” revealed Amber. As she progressed through the interview, the staff revealed her childhood photos with her family including her sister.

The program Real Men already achieved immense popularity in Korea especially after its first season with female stars attending drills and living the daily lives of soldiers in Korea. This time around, new female celebrities were chosen to be featured in the show. Actresses such as Park Ha Sun, Kim Ji Young, Kang Ye Won, Lee Da Hee, gagwomen such as Ahn Young Mi, and female idols like Bomi of Apink and Amber featured on the show, not to forget, the entertainer Lee Ji Ae.

Source: TV Daily