Amber responds to TMZ’s racist coverage of EXID’s U.S. arrival

On May 2nd, a video of TMZ‘s racist segment on EXID’s arrival to LAX was revealed and f(x)’s Amber has taken to Twitter to express her discontent with the clip.

Amber, who grew up near Los Angeles, tweeted, “I was gunna stay quiet but i cant. Seriously, @tmz not cool man. All Americans face palm at your rude and childish actions.”

Her response comes only hours after the culturally ignorant clip was released on Youtube and follows massive amounts of netizen criticism from international fans. Some have even called TMZ the reason why people hate Americans with its “I make no apologies for what I say” attitude.

Fans are outraged at the blatant racism that appeared in the clip when a TMZ member covered EXID’s arrival at LAX accusing them of not being able to speak English well and even mocking Junghwa‘s English with no apologies.

The video in question: