Amber Reveals There Are No Plans For A f(x) Reunion Right Now

She didn’t completely rule it out for the future though!

Amber has admitted in an interview that right now, there are no plans for f(x) to reunite together, but she did say that a reunion is always on the table in the later future.

In an exclusive interview with United Kingdom’s Metro, she commented that right now, each member is currently focusing on what their next steps in their careers will be, and thus a reunion at this point is not going to happen.

Whether we do music or not, I think there will be a time when we can, but I think right now we’re just figuring ourselves out. We have no plans, but it’s never not an option.

— Amber

She explained that her f(x) members are more than just group mates; they’re actually sisters, family, and gushed about all of their recent activities.

I was just texting Krystal last night!

I’ve always said we’re more than just a group that just does music together. We’re friends. We’re family. We’re sisters and that’s always gonna be there. We always hit each other when we can.

We respect each other’s ventures.Krystal’s killing it with her acting, Luna’s doing her music, Victoria’s killing it with her performing and her modelling and acting.

— Amber

Throughout the years, Amber and the rest of f(x) have had each other’s backs for their individual activities.

We have never had the feeling of, once somebody started doing something on their own, we would never be like, “Oh why are they doing something on their own?”. We never have that.

I’m just gonna say something that no one wants to say, but I think a lot of people in the industry who are in groups you’re gonna have that natural envy.

But for our group we’re like why should we waste time being envious when we should support each other and push each other to do better.

— Amber

Finally, she commented about her new song “Hands Behind My Back” and mentioned that the inspiration for the song came from her anger at people who tried to take advantage of her while she was in f(x).

There were so many people that just lied to my face and say things that don’t make sense,

I try to be the bigger person, and people just take advantage of the situation. They restrict me or block me from things and I’m just like [sigh].

— Amber

Check out Amber’s new song “Hands Behind My Back” below.

Source: Metro