Amber Talked About The Recent Reunion Of f(x) And Their Future Plans

Amber revealed a plan in the works for f(x).

Amber was a guest on the July 6th broadcast of Hunmanjeongeum and talked about f(x)’s recent reunion (without Victoria) at Luna’s concert and also the future of the group.

Krystal and I came up on stage for Luna’s last song. It was the first time the three of us got together for a while, it felt good.

– Amber

When she was asked about the potential for an upcoming f(x) performance, Amber made an announcement.

The three of us will be performing at SMTOWN in Japan in early August. It’ll be the first time in three years.

– Amber

Amber also talked about her friendship with the other guest chef Austin Kang who complimented Amber on her cooking skills.

Source: K-Pop Herald