Amber teases from recording studio; working with Rhymer for solo debut

It seems like Amber’s solo debut is nearing! The f(x) member updated her personal Instagram account with what seems like a teaser!

On January 25th, Amber shared a black and white photo onto her Instagram, where she posed for a selca with Rhymer, who is BrandNew Music’s CEO, producer, and rapper. Without any makeup on, Amber comfortably made a funny pose for the camera, while matching Rhymer by wearing a beanie each. Amber captioned her photo, “Our Rhymer oppa kekeke,” even tagging him in the post.

Since Rhymer specializes in hip-hop music, there is much anticipation to what he is working on for Amber’s solo debut.

In other news, Rhymer is working on INFINITE H‘s comeback album to be released on January 26th, while it is speculated through a recent photo that Rhymer might also be collaborating with Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

Meanwhile, Amber is currently one of the casts for the second female special edition of MBC‘s Real Men.

Amber is expected to make her solo debut in February.