American band DNCE would like to collaborate with this K-pop artist

The members of DNCE talk about how they created their name, Lee Jin Joo‘s feelings about being in Korea, and who they would like to perform with one day in an interview they had while in Korea.

DNCE recently sat down with SBS‘s One Night of TV Entertainment for an interview while they were visiting Seoul for a scheduled concert.

DNCE’s drummer, Jack Lawless, told SBS about the night they came up with their band name. He said that after having drinks, they were in the studio texting each other and someone had misspelled the word “dance.”

The topic then moved on to DNCE’s guitarist, Jin Joo, who is originally from Incheon, South Korea. Joe Jonas, the lead vocalist, described how they decided to add Jin Joo on the team after seeing how different she becomes when performing on stage, how she interacted with the audience, and how it shows off her shining talent.

Jin Joo also described how it was her dream to be able to shout out the name of her home country “The Republic of Korea” while performing on stage. She did it during their concert in Seoul and the audience responded by clapping and doing the mighty cheer for their country, which Jin Joo really enjoyed.

When asked if there were any artists they would like to collaborate with in the future, DNCE chose G-Dragon and said that they really liked him. Joe Jonas also added, “And all the girl bands,” which made Jin Joo laugh out loud.

Would you be interested in seeing DNCE and G-Dragon performing a rockin’ and energetic stage together one day?

Check out the clip of DNCE’s interview with SBS below!