American bands Before You Exit and Great Good Fine Ok meet BTS at Anaheim show

BTS has been getting a lot of attention from Western artists recently, and at their concert in California, they even met up with some of them.

With BTS recently performing in Anaheim, California, there was a chance for some of the group’s admirers to meet the boys in person. In fact, even some of America’s hottest bands jumped at the opportunity to welcome BTS to the States.

The American band, Before You Exit stopped by to take a photo with BTS after their show in California. This was no doubt a big moment for Jungkook, who had previously shown his love for the band when he added the pop-rock group to his Spotify list.

Before You Exit wasn’t the only group taking this chance to hang out with the international K-pop stars though, as John Sandler, one half of the American synth-pop duo Great Good Fine Ok, also had an opportunity to meet the group.

The BigHit entertainment stars didn’t end the meet and greet there, as they finally made it to California, they had the long-overdue chance to meet their choreographer Keone Madrid, the mastermind behind many of BTS’s dances.

BTS continues to dominate the world and gain lots of attention abroad, making many fans extremely proud and happy to see their idols socializing and maybe even working with more artists around the world!