American Basketball player suspected to be a TWICE fan

This American basketball player is suspected to be a TWICE fan after dancing to their song on live TV.

Lakeem Jackson plays for the Busan KT Sonicboom of the Korean Basketball League. He’s an American-born basketball star out of the University of South Carolina, and it seems his time in South Korea has educated him about the world of K-Pop.

During a break in the middle of a game, Lakeem took a moment to talk to MBC Sport about the gesture for stating “time out” in a game – and how it could be replaced by the mega-popular “TT” dance from TWICE.

After realizing the “time out” symbol could be made from the “TT” dance, Lakeem Jackson modeled what that would look like.

What an excellent sport! He’s not the only basketball player catching the Hallyu wave, Stephen Curry has also caught on and is even friends with former EXO member Kris Wu. It might not be the new “time out” symbol, but more basketball players should get behind the “TT” dance.

Take a look at that hilarious and adorable instant replay below!