American DJ Reveals BTS Has Signed With An American Record Label

Amidst all the reaction BTS is getting from their American exposure, one radio personality let it slip that the group may have signed with a new label. 

According to American radio DJ JJ Ryan, BTS may soon promote under the American music label, RED. 

RED Music is a sub-company of Sony Music that managed the likes of Tyler The Creator and Daya. 

Although BTS has been promoting under a representative during their time in the United States, it seems like they have a label working with them now. 

And the deal happened at least a few weeks ago. 

JJ Ryan may not be part of Big Hit Entertainment’s staff, but many believe his word…

Considering that he has done a lot of promotion for BTS on his radio program in the past. 

If all this is true, then we’re looking forward to some amazing American releases from BTS!