American News Station Completely Blown Away By BTS’s Popularity

KTLA 5 News were taken aback by the powerful effect of ARMYs when their social media and YouTube video regarding BTS blew up!

On March 31, BTS were featured on Los Angeles’s KTLA Evening News for their long list of sold-out concerts.

Prior to the broadcast, KTLA posted a photo from their interview with BTS on Twitter.

While most fans were excited about the news broadcast, many noticed that something, or rather someone, wasn’t in the picture. Suga was missing and the only sign of him is the tip of his shoe on the right of the photo, next to J-Hope’s feet. Wondering why only six out of seven members appeared in the picture, the post received many comments asking where Suga was. This tweet, and every other BTS related tweet that KTLA posted, received a huge number of reactions and responses as well.

KTLA Entertainment host, Doug Kolk, posted a 360 VR video of the interview with BTS and it received over 100,000 views overnight!

Surprised by the good response they were receiving and wanting to apologize for accidentally leaving Suga out, BTS were featured, once again, on the show.

With the title, “The Tweet That had Korean Pop Fans Irate,” KTLA talked about the mass attention they were receiving and said, “We forgot one small thing, Yoongi. (Yoongi is Suga’s birthname) Who knew we would ever hear “where is Suga” on the evening news?”

Take a look at how BTS’s popularity impacted this local news station below!