American Musician Olivia Rodrigo’s “Disappointing” Meet & Greet Is Going Viral With K-Pop Fans

The event was apparently free for fans to attend.

American Musician Olivia Rodrigo‘s recent meet-and-greet event has disappointed some netizens but is going viral with K-Pop fans for an ironic reason.

Olivia Rodrigo | @oliviarodrigo/Instagram

Olivia Rodrigo first debuted as an actress in the Disney programs Bizaardvark and High School Musical: The Series before her debut single, “Drivers License,” broke multiple records in 2021. She was involved in the most viral moment from the 2022 Grammy Awards, trending alongside BTS‘s V.

On September 8, Olivia Rodrigo’s second full album, GUTS, was released and met with critical acclaim.

As part of promotions for her new release, Olivia Rodrigo surprised fans with a special meet and greet session at a local store. However, the method quickly became a hot topic because she was not there in person.

Videos from the event show fans standing in front of a screen talking to the artist through what she described as “the world’s most high-tech Zoom.”


Truly never had so much fun at a Target at 7am in my life. @Olivia Rodrigo answered all our questions about #GUTS !! 💜#westwoodtarget #fyp #targetexclusive #gutsmerch #gethimback

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While fans seemed to enjoy the experience, netizens had a less than favorable view of the event, even calling it “dystopian.”

K-Pop fans, however, had a completely different view of the event!

As many know, one of the only ways to talk to your favorite idol is through fan sign events.

BTS’s Suga during a fan sign event.

Before COVID-19 shutdowns, these were entirely in-person, with the video call concept being introduced at that time. Now, fans from anywhere in the world can chat with their favorite idols through the screen.

Because they are used to it, K-Pop fans couldn’t help but laugh at the dramatic reactions to this virtual event, with some even hoping it gave companies ideas for future events!

Olivia recently rocked the same look as BLACKPINK‘s Jennie, which you can read more about below.

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