American Radio Hosts Under Fire For Racist Remark Against Lay And NCT 127

The hosts also made remarks about BTS.

American radio hosts have come under fire for rude and racists remarks they made towards EXO‘s Lay and NCT 127 during a recent broadcast.


On February 22, the hosts of 106.1 KISS FM played the new song “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” by Jason Derulo, Lay, and NCT 127. While fans have been incredibly proud of the first part of the epic Michael Jackson tribute project, they weren’t very happy with how the radio show introduced the song or the artists involved.

“You’re boy Jason Derulo has new music out. We’re going to love the new one it’s called ‘Let’s Shut Up & Dance’.”

— Host 1


Besides the fact that they introduced the song as Jason Derulo’s with no mention of the other artists involved, the hosts went on to confuse NCT 127 and Lay with BTS and consistently referred to them as BTS through most of the song.

“BTS on this thing!”

— Host 1


When it was finally mentioned by another host that they were not, in fact, BTS, one host made a comment that they were some “random Asian guys dancing” before someone else wrongly called them “NC 127”.

“So it was just some random group of Asian guys dancing? We just got excited for nothing.”

— Host 2


A sound clip from the program quickly made its way online and fans were not happy to hear what they did.


NCTzens, EXO-Ls, ARMY, and many more fans have been sharing their disapproval and calling the hosts out not only for their racist comments but also for a lack of professionalism over the situation.


Soon the #KISSFM_APOLOGIZE hashtag began to trend worldwide with fans demanding an apology from the hosts and station.


One brave fan even called up the station asking for an apology to which they were told the issue would be mentioned on Monday’s show.


Currently, fans are still waiting for any kind of statement from the station and their hosts. In the meantime, they have continued trending the hashtag and plan on doing so until the apology has been made.