An American Record Label Expressed Interest In Working With Red Velvet

This would be an incredible opportunity for Red Velvet and ReVeluv are determined to make it happen!

Nicole Franz, the Senior Vice-President of American record label Capitol Music Group expressed interest in working with artists like Red Velvet for their US promotions.

Capitol Music Group falls under an umbrella owned by Universal Music Group. Universal Music Group is one of the top three global music distributors and most recently partnered with SM Entertainment to work on global projects with Super M and NCT127.

Nicole revealed she’s been a fan of K-Pop since 2011 and has been actively looking for other collaborations. She mentioned that she saw Red Velvet (among other groups) during their New Jersey tour and that being able to work with them would be a dream.

Upon hearing the news, ReVeluv took to Twitter to tag SM Entertainment and Capitol Music’s official accounts begging them to make the collaboration happen.

Some went for a more aggressive approach…

…Whereas some are trying to start a movement…

…While others were expounding the virtues of Red Velvet, and the impact they could have if they furthered their reach in America.

With K-Pop growing in popularity every day, not just in America, but worldwide, it would be an amazing opportunity for Red Velvet to work with a company, like Universal Music Group—a company that truly lives up to its name.

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