American psychologist praises production team of “Kill Me, Heal Me”

MBC‘s recently completed drama series Kill Me, Heal Me has reached popularity in the United States as well.

On March 24th, the production team received a letter titled To Jin Soo Wan Script Writer from a Cuban scriptwriter and psychologist living in Florida.

In the letter, she introduced that she became immersed into the drama after finding it on internet coincidentally. She praised how the drama did not fail to overlook the psychological illness of Dissociative Identity Disorder and solely focused to follow a spiritual and healing perspective.

Moreover, she finds the drama to have a high level of completeness despite being only twenty episodes long. Throughout the warm letter, she showed her support and gratitude to Jin Soo Han writer. In the end, she also thanked the lead actor Ji Sung and actress Hwang Jung Eum for showing a different kind of acting.

According to the production team, “We believe that the American viewers enjoyed the detective story and irony in our plot. Jin Soo Han writer’s ability to add a sweet romance along side a warm healing message seems to have garnered the viewers’ hearts not only in Korea, but also in America.” 

Meanwhile, Kill Me, Heal Me has gathered much popularity during its airing, creating a temporary drama syndrome in Korea through various parodies in the media.

Source: Ilgan Sports